Instrument Fun Seed

The Seedy Seeds – Piles of Instrument Fun Seed

The Seedy Seeds don’t know you, but they already like you. And you will like them too – I certainly did, after hearing their 2006 demo, and particularly “Earned Average Dance America.” It is a captivating combination of instrumental creativity and quirky lyrics.

Thunder God Seed

Brian Rosenworcel of Guster – The Thunder God Seed

To me, Brian Rosenworcel is a god. Thundergod. Master of the conga kit, and member of the band Guster, I’ve been a fan for years…and now here he is. On my blog. Oh. My. God.

Soulful Singer Songwriter Seed

Ben Arthur – The Quirky, Soulful, Singer/Songwriter Seed

I fell in in love with Ben Arthur’s music the first night I heard him – his quirky sense of humour balanced the sometimes morose cloud of soul-bearing lyrics. And years later, and I’m still listening with as much rapt attention as that first show.

Intellectual Music-Crafter Seed

Charlie Williams – the Creative, Intellectual, Music-Crafter Seed

Charlie Williams has one of those minds that is frightening in it’s creativity. This is a guy who not only plays beautiful music, he composes, arranges, develops new sounds, and then thinks about physics and builds a circle-of-5ths clock in his free time.