Instrument Fun Seed

Bro. Stephen – Just some songs, with a nice glass of Chablis (from the Seedy Seeds seed)

From the newest seed (the Seedy Seeds) sprouts Bro. Stephen, a guitar-playing, singer-songwriting, tall drink of wine of a musician. His attention to detail, both musical and in his answers to the Ear to Ear questionnaire have me entranced.

Soulful Singer Songwriter Seed

Kyle Fischer – Musical Translation (from the Ben Arthur seed)

Kyle Fischer particularly caught my eye because I found him on his blog, which talked about his work with Buddhism and the Union Theological Seminary. Music doesn’t exist in a bubble – it is filled with our lives and experiences, and people with interesting lives tend to create interesting music. So I couldn’t wait to hear more about how a talented musician and songwriter ended up in Seminary…or the other way around.