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I think many musicians are attracted to their own instrument. But listening to Elizabeth Joy Roe broke down all my instrumental barriers and made me just hear – and it was magnificent.

From the newest seed (the Seedy Seeds) sprouts Bro. Stephen, a guitar-playing, singer-songwriting, tall drink of wine of a musician. His attention to detail, both musical and in his answers to the Ear to Ear questionnaire have me entranced.

The first track I heard of Rob’s was “Hedonistic Graveyard”, and it was a particularly exciting moment in the project because I could hear how we got here from the original seed…he has the instrumental delight of Mira Mira, with a touch of Sharples’ low-key delivery.

Caithlin De Marrais is a songwriter with a delightful twang and deep sense of place. I’ve fallen for her well-crafted lo-fi-ness (not something I normally say), where everything sounds real and present and unaltered, and oh-so-true.

The Seedy Seeds don’t know you, but they already like you. And you will like them too – I certainly did, after hearing their 2006 demo, and particularly “Earned Average Dance America.” It is a captivating combination of instrumental creativity and quirky lyrics.

It stays in the family for this bit of our musical tree , in part because Ben Arthur’s brother, Michael Arthur, is a member of the band. But really, it’s all a family thing anyway, having been started up by Lauren and Pascal Balthrop, and grown into the bustling musical metropolis it is today.

To me, Brian Rosenworcel is a god. Thundergod. Master of the conga kit, and member of the band Guster, I’ve been a fan for years…and now here he is. On my blog. Oh. My. God.

I found Rob Sharples, Four Quartets, through Charlie Williams. I am loving his creative imagery and beautiful instrumental structure – I kept discovering new things with every listen.

I fell in in love with Ben Arthur’s music the first night I heard him – his quirky sense of humour balanced the sometimes morose cloud of soul-bearing lyrics. And years later, and I’m still listening with as much rapt attention as that first show.

I am a recent convert to country. I scoffed, I scorned, I teased. Then I listened. And I learned. And one of the incredible musicians who showed me the way was was Elana James.